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Almaftuchin telah mengalami pertumbuhan yang signifikan dalam beberapa tahun terakhir, dan menjadi salah satu vendor sistem utilitas dalam kategori gaming.


Deepak Bhagya

Personal info


- Kemudahan dalam bermain game.

- Layanan download game gratis.

- Kepuasan pelanggan saat bermain game.

- Bocoran informasi tentang game.


Know more about my past

My Project

  • 2016

    #hacking Almaftuchin Hack Maker

    Make gameshack trainer so easy.

  • 2017

    #tools Almaftuchin Instagram Tools

    Get more Likes, Follow, and Comments in seconds.

  • 2017

    #android Almaftuchin News

    Free download apk mod and game cheats.

  • 2018

    #music Almaftuchin Radio

    Streaming listen EDM Music 24/7 Nonstop.

My Project

  • 2016

    Almaftuchin Protector#tools

    Protect your any files and folder with password and hidden.

  • 2017

    Almaftuchin Image To CSS#tools

    Make fastest your website without hosted images.

  • 2017

    Almaftuchin Apps #Android_App

    Download gameshack from your android phone without direct and mirror links.

  • 2018

    YouTube Downloader #website

    Convert any YouTube video to MP3 and MP4 in one click.

Skills & Things about me

android developer
web designer


My Timeline

We Are Hiring! End time of registration June 14, 2018


  • Male or Female
  • 21 Years old
  • 2 years experience on coding field C#, C++, Java, Web Dev, and MySQL Server
  • Ever make minimum of one project
  • Recruitment is available to all countries
  • Speaking in English language

Job desk:

  • Fixing, building, maintenance

Work time:

  • 4 - 6 hours per days for 3 month


  • Personal computer or laptop
  • Internet connection minimu 300KB/s
  • Team Viewer 12 Installed
  • FileZilla Client Installed

Delivery of Salary

  • Indonesia, Mandiri Banking per days
  • International, Paypal, VISA, Mastercard per days


  • End time of registration on June 14, 2018
  • Acceptance of team member will be announced on June 15, 2018 via email
  • Work will begin on July 1, 2018
Send your CV with sample of your project via email to jobs@almaftuch.in

2 Server Baru Resmi Diluncurkan Dan Sudah Mulai Beroperasi

2 Server Baru Resmi Diluncurkan Dan Sudah Mulai Beroperasi
Halo guys, saya merasa hari ini adalah momen terpenting dalam tim kami.

Ulasan Singkat Tentang Almaftuchin News - Game Cheats and Mods

Almaftuchin News - Game Cheats and Mods adalah aplikasi android yang resmi dirilis pada tanggal 30 November 2017 pada posisi 1.0 build 12. Aplikasi ini memiliki dua versi yaitu versi gratis dan versi berbayar.

Almaftuchin - ASCII & Hex Converter Documentation


This tools used to convert from ASCII Text to Hexadecimal and Hexadecimal to ASCII Text. I make this tools for easy converting hidden code. Using this tool so you can read the hidden code from software and other. Now you can crack the other software using this tools.

Input Text

Part of the text input box is used to enter text ascii or hexadecimal (depending on which is being used). And input text entered here will be on the converter to output text box under key processing.

Convert Button, Swap and Reset

Convert button used to convert text that inside in the input box .
Swap button used to swap from ascii to hex or hex to ascii converter
Reset button used to deleted or reseted data inside input box and output box.

Convert Status

Convert status is located at the bottom to see red letters. This section will display the converter used. You can change this by pressing the swap.

Ascii and Hex Online Converter

Online tools for Ascii Text to Hex Converter
Online tools for Hex to Ascii Text Converter

Tools Screenshots

Video Showcase

Almaftuchin - Instagram Unfollow for No Follback Documentation


Using this software, you can find the person who did not follback to you. So you can unfollow to this person. Punisher I call you when you use this software.

User ID

This software needed instagram user id, to finding user did not following your account, you can find your user id HERE.

Find Button

After insert your user id you can start finding unfollow user by clicking Find button. Reset button for reset all data include user id, status panel and result panel.

Status Panel

Status panel will showing you for who did not follback to your instagram account, below is command status:
Waiting: No progress
Connecting: Connecting to instagram server with your account
Done: All unfollow user has done seeing.

Result Panel

Result panel will showing you to start unfollow people who did not follback, below is command result status:
Waiting: No progress
Connecting: Starting unfollow people
Listing: Making listing to show results
Done: All progress has finished with result

Screenshots Progress

Video Tutorial

Almaftuchin - Instagram Followers Documentation


This tool will give you more followers for instagram. You can get 10.000 instagram followers in second.

User ID

Before getting followers, you must input your instagram user id, so you can find your user id HERE.

Get Followers Button

After you see your user id for instagram, click Get Followers button to start gaining instagram followers without following others. After clicking Get Followers button, please do not close the application until finished.

Status Panel

If you see the Waiting.. words, this is status panel of operating gaining instagram followers. This panel will show you how much you gaining followers with before and after using this tools. For example see image below.

Reset Time

Reset time is a period of time to be able to re-use the tool, reset time to work for the security of your account in order to not be banned because of too quickly to get followers in instagram. This tool will not work if the time has not been reset to zero.

Video Tutorial


What can I do


Almost all of the projects launched by EGC, is the work Almaftuchin.


Every nights, i saw just an elaborate code.


We have three server, at Indonesia, California, and London.


He also really liked the game online and offline.

Web Designer

Besides a programmer, i'am is also a web designer.


Making it difficult to be very easy is his hobby


Get in touch with me




085 728 141 141